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Information on Shipping & Returns


Which are the usual shipping times?
The shipping time is up to 2 to 3 working days from the completion of the order. Shipments will be managed by Tipsa (transport company). Once the order is placed, the option to modify the shipping address is excluded. In the event of any incident, the address of info@frutossecoszaral.com is available for any doubt.

Shipping types and costs
There are two shipping types available for products purchased at the online shopping site:

  • Free shipping - The free shipping opcion can be selected in purchases that equal or exceed €50.
  • Regular shipping - The price of the products appears without shipping costs at the online shopping site. These will be calculated and displayed in the purchase summary.

A chart of costs will be displayed below.

Spain (peninsula): €9.70
Spain (non-mainland territories): Prior consultation via telephone or email is required

Availabiliity of the online shopping site for shipments outside of the Spanish area

For further information, please contact info@frutossecoszaral.com

In the event that the order is not delivered

If the order, once it is confirmed, does not arrive after 3 working days, please contact info@frutossecoszaral.com in order to manage this situation.

Absence when receiving the order

If the customer is not present at the place stated in the shipping address, the delivery officer will come back a second time. If the customer is not present for a second time,
delivery officer will call the telephone number provided o will leave a note for the customer to contact the agency. This process is included in the shipping fee.



Customers can pay through the following means: by bank transfer, with a credit card, or via PayPal.


For the return of an item with which the customer is not satisfied, it is established that the customer will be responsible for the cost of the shipment, while the company will reimburse the amount of the product by the same means in which the purchase was made; i.e. credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

The product will not be opened and will be returned under the same conditions that it was sent.